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Video Site for Asian Cam Models


Welcome to! The video site for Asian Cam Models. Here we offer the videos of the private chats and some will be ok, some will be good and some will be outstanding.

We will be starting with an initial offering of about 200,000 and will be adding videos weekly with an initial goal being 600,000 and then more.

There are girls, lesbians, transvestites, guys and probably a whole lot more, so enjoy the sorting. There is a favorites list which we will keep expanding as needed. There is a download feature so you can download any video you want to keep.

I have tried to make this the way I would want it to be if I was a user (I am).

Costs will be as follows and there are 2 choices:

  1. Is a flat $20 recurring cost for full access to all videos (you will be billed monthly)
  2. Is a flat $50 Recurring cost for full access to all videos AND $50 in chat credits (you will be billed monthly)

As the site grows I expect costs to increase BUT those signing up now will remain at the same cost for as long as their account is paid for. Anyone stopping membership and returning will be charged at the newest rate.

Thats about it. Enjoy the site!